piano chords
Chords for Piano and Organ
Showing the most popular chords for Piano and how to play them. This chart shows how to play major, minor, seventh, augmented and diminished chords in all keys.
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jazz chords for piano
More Chords for Piano and Organ
Picks up where the first Piano chart leaves off, showing jazz chords for piano, the major sixth, minor seventh, major seventh, diminished seventh and ninth chords in all keys.
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piano chord inversions
Piano Chord Inversions
A valuable aid for playing the piano.  This chart is helpful for both beginners and more advanced pianists. One of the most frustrating things for beginners is losing their place in the music when they have to look down at their hands on the keyboard to change chords. Chord inversions show how to keep the hand in a close range of notes so the fingers can just move up or down one note and allow the player to keep eyes on the music. For the advanced player, inversions create more interesting voice leading between chords.
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reading music piano
Reading Music Piano
Shows the corresponding note of every key on the piano.
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